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My name's Steve and I’m what you’d call a “normal looking guy”. I’ve got an average haircut and I wear regular clothes.


Hell, I even work in the “real world”. But don’t let that fool you.


Now before we start, I feel it's fair to advise you...


Do not invest in any import export training programs until you check out the original and most highly sought after import-export training course, produced by successful, real life import export entrepreneurs. When we first put together this course there was no one else providing this sort of information, all in one easy-to-follow study package.


The information was hard to get. That's why this course was created - to make it easier for you to learn the secrets.


Unlike other import export courses out there, many of them just plagiarized versions of ours... This one was created by the actual folks who are making real six and seven figure incomes in the import export business for real!


Why should I listen to you? I mean, this is all hype right?


It's certainly not hype - here's some important reasons why we are the real deal...


You can read REAL testimonials from our clients.
We're not just information marketers - we are real importers / exporters and have been for over 14 consecutive years.
Get genuine, trustworthy, friendly help when you need it, from Steve personally, whether by phone or email.
This course has been available for the past 7 years and has helped many people get a head start in the industry.



This will be amongst the more important articles you read this year

if you act on it.


Here's Why.....
What if you could have your Import/Export business up and running within a few weeks with a simple nod of your head?


What if all the hard work it takes to succeed in Import/Export – the maddening, time consuming research… identifying where to advertise and all the rest was magically swept away?

What if all you were left with was the opportunity to make hundreds… thousands… even tens of thousands of dollars from
Import/Export and finally break free of the rat race?

Sounds too good to be true? – I know. After all, I often get asked if anybody is really making a cent selling things other than sex, Viagra or 'Make a Million In 10 Minutes' type information.
If you're like most people, starting a regular business is hard. It’s time-consuming. Costly. And risky. You need to learn so much just to have a fair chance at success.

That's generally true but not with Import Export. The truth is...


You Can Do it.



Believe it or not, you can start an Import/Export business right now. Right this minute. And it could be bringing in money within the next 30 days. Money that you make on virtual auto-pilot. The nicest money of all.


So What Exactly is Import Export?


Simply put is simply the exchange of goods and services between countries. The Australian Import/Export trade is worth in the region of $237 billion (Yes $237 billion $$'s annually) Wow !


The beauty of this is companies want you to handle exports from Australia or another countries where you never get to see, feel or touch the goods or you can import and sell directly yourself and be totally hands on...


Do You begin to see the opportunities?


Of course you can import and sell goods retail as we do ourselves and make HUGE DOLLARS.


There truly are unlimited possibilities in Import/Export

So, if we are on the same wavelength, we agree that this is a vital, critical moneymaking skill you must possess? Great Stuff! The trouble is, how do you get good at this stuff?


The Hard Way:


Well you could do what most do... And spend years and tens and tens of thousands of dollars on books, courses and seminars. And spend each waking moment immersed in the subject, writing letters and then simply giving up through overwhelm... (Like we almost did)

The Easy Way:


Or you can take the short-cut approach… the INSTANT “Brain Dump” approach that force-feeds this information straight into your skull… and get my step-by-step, “this-is-how-you-do-it” process to create an Import/Export business. This way, you really get this stuff, without the heavy price tag in money or especially time


See that’s the secret which I have learnt, and it makes all the difference. The long way is the hard way to do it. And logically, the WRONG way.


So What's the Big Secret That Makes it All so Easy?


Firstly you’ve got to realize that when we first started our Import/Export business, we had no-one. Hardly a single trustworthy person that could help us. So we learned through that old favourite -- “Trial and Error.” ... with mega boring manuals, no DVD's or hold-your-hand phone help such as we provide our clients with today.


Trial and error works... But it takes such a long time! And it costs so much. Not just in money. But in effort… in discipline… and in persistence.


Instead of finding out the pit falls at the very beginning, we found them out the hard way – ALONG the way.


Instead of spending very little money on research, we spent a fortune.


Instead of copying what worked, by default we tried everything that didn’t.


MOST simply give up along the way…


The good news for you is…


You Don't Need to do ANY of This.

Our is the only course where the people teaching you ACTUALLY Import, Export right now, and have been for many years.


Well, it’s not impossible. Not anymore...not with IMPORT/EXPORT


Picture this...


You wake up in the morning, stroll over to your computer and hey presto!... your inbox is full of orders for a product you haven't even taken delivery of!...


Imagine you’ve made your weekly income already. And it’s not even midday yet!...


However, you’ve got a problem. You can’t even begin to work out how to spend your time (or your money!!)....


Perhaps you’ll go and play tennis, a few rounds of golf, or just kick back by the pool or in your spa. Or you could also go for a kick in the park with your kids... curl up with a good book... go sailing with one of your buddies... shop for some ‘toys’ or test drive your new dream car...


That’s a 2013 Holden Caprice... Just a mere $66,350 ...


...Lavishly appointed with a 270kW, 6.0 litre Generation 4 Alloy V8 engine...

6 speed automatic transmission with Active Select... Tri-zone electronic climate control... 220 Watt Bose premium audio system... DVD player with dual rear-passenger LCD screens... Full colour Satellite Navigation System... Electric Tilt and Slide Sunroof...


And I haven’t even started on Dealer Fitted Accessories!


Just picture yourself behind the wheel...


Would you prefer to live your day waking up to the awful noise of that deafening alarm clock, battling through traffic just so you can stress yourself out for 8 hours making your boss rich? Or would you rather virtually have every day off... spend it at the beach... and double your current income?


How do these sound?...


How would it feel to be able to pick and choose your own hours? No answering to a bad tempered boss because you walked in "late" - You would BE the boss!

Would you like the 15-second commute to your home office instead of battling the rush-hour traffic and the sweltering heat, waiting at the traffic lights, running the gauntlet of suicidal drivers or commuting on miserable, grimy, germ infested (and I ain't talkin' mother in law 'ere) public transport?

Could you handle taking holidays virtually whenever you want? (No this isn't hype - money gives you the ability to do these things)

Combine a holiday and check out opportunities while your there and claim part back as a legitimate business expense.


How would that make you feel to have that kind of freedom? Picture this...


“It’s Monday morning. You can hear the bedlam of neighbours rushing to work. You hear a few curses, a few expletives, as half asleep commuters rush head long into the peak hour traffic. (Actually if you live where we do, there are no close neighbours!)
You look out of your window, past your dream pool which glitters in the early sun, and watch as the mist rolls away from the distant mountains... this is your back yard and you decide that today you aren’t working. (Yesterday you virtually printed cash... and today you just wanna relax.)
Instead of working, you take a leisurely swim, walk, jog etc, do some reading in your favourite hammock and wait for your kids to get home from school. For a moment you have to pinch yourself, to remind yourself that this is real, that you answer to no one, and you can work as hard or as little as you damn well please...”


Yes, that's how we live our lives every single day. I gotta say, it’s tough, but someone’s gotta do it! Might as well be you!


This CAN be YOUR LIFE too.
And if you think you can’t do it, you’re quite mistaken...

You CAN and I guarantee it. So let me ask you a question...

In a world full of fake pretenders, where it seems anyone who’s read a book on import/export is suddenly an expert... isn’t it good to know you have dedicated coaches to steer you in the right direction? Guys that not only teach the skills, but actually “use” the skills every day to generate cash?


Now there's a group of people that I would like to address. It's the excuse makers, you know who you are, and if you're one of them, I reckon you'll be smiling as you read these, coz you know it's true!


The Top 6 Excuses People Come up With as to Why it "Won't Work for Me"...



I'm Too Busy!


I've been to WIS, this seminar, read that book...


I know too much already.


My wife or husband / partner won’t let me!!


I wanna do nothing... just bitch and moan


Surely Training like this would be expensive?


Seriously? Is that the best you can come up with?


Ok well now is the part where I relieve myself all over your bonfire...


Excuse #1 - I'm just too busy!

“Perhaps You're you too busy making a living to make any real money” But it’s how you work and what you work on that’s important. Anyway, being “too busy” is really a pitiful excuse.

It says you are doing the wrong work, the wrong way so you have no time to get smart. You’re too busy mopping up to fix the leaking pipe. A lot of entrepreneurs get caught up in the trap of expending ever increasing effort, for ever diminishing results. If that’s you, boy oh boy, you do need to look at Import Export NOW!


Excuse #2 - I've been to WIS, this seminar, read that book...

Put your ego back in the box. I’ll bet some folk at Eagle Boys Pizza have bigger bank balances than you.... I should know - My business partner worked there!


Excuse #3 – I know too much already!

There are two sides to the “more ideas than I can use” proposition. Earl Nightingale told of a farm rep calling on farmers, trying to get them to come to a meeting. “No reason to come” one farmer said, “I’m not farming half as smart as I know how already!!”.


Excuse #4 - My partner won’t let me!!

Heck, I can relate to that, it’s always better when you’re both committed and supportive of one another. But sometimes you have to be bloody minded. Look, let them read this and see if they still feel the same way... Then go ahead and Invest anyway!


Excuse #5 - I wanna do nothing... just bitch and moan

Ok I'm not gonna sugar coat this one... Stay broke.


Excuse #6 - Surely training like this would be expensive?

Well... You need to stop and ask yourself... Expensive compared to what exactly?

Seriously! you’ve got to ask yourself: “Expensive compared to what?”


Perhaps you’d like the trash collection business... for only $125,000! I mean surely you’d like the massive overheads, over inflated fuel costs, waiting to be paid, or worse, never getting paid at all. Not to mention rego & insurance on the truck, new clutch, brakes, tyres, new this, new that, tip fees, annoying the neighbour with that smelly thing parked outside... Are you beginning to see the benefit of investing 2% of that amount for a total loooow risk business where you start printing lots of moolah straight away.



OK. You've convinced me.

Who CAN benefit from the Import Export industry?

Look, I don't care if you've got two heads (and I'm not referring to Tasmanians), green hair, or if you love strawberry jam with cheese on toast, the bottom line is... anyone can take advantage or this lucrative business opportunity...






Taxi Drivers

Book Keepers



Garbage Collectors



Road Sweepers

School Leavers


Toilet Cleaners

Shop Owners


Grave Diggers (Dead end job right?)





Truck Drivers

Anybody!... You get the idea.


Sounds great...

But all the good markets are taken! What can I sell?


There you go with your excuses again! Think how many products you can find in retail outlets... Thousands right? And I haven't even started on lesser known (but still hot selling) products!


Here's just a few ideas...





Mouse Pads



Car Parts



Quad Bikes




MP3 Players

Car Parts







Health Products



Mobile Phones



Computer Peripherals

Garden Ornaments

Products to be value added

Car Accessories




Ok, we think you have the idea now. You think I'm just reeling off the names of random products? Well you're exactly right! Anything that has a sale value can be imported and exported.


Here's some of the little-known secrets you will uncover...

The Australian Insiders Guide to Importing and Exporting reveals secrets such as...


You no longer need huge amounts of capital to enter the Import/Export world! (Page 57)

Selling a business you have not located! (Page 56)

Crucial Steps to Importing (Page 27)

Letters of Credit and other vital payment options (Page 14)

Types of Letters of Credit (Page 46)

Sample Letters to Overseas Chambers of Commerce (Page 98)

Essential Marketing Agreement Pro Forma (Page 115)

State Resources Guide (Page 127)

Gold Dust Trade Leads (Page 126)

Australian FREE Trade Websites (Page 123)

International Trade Websites (Page 125)


And that's not nearly all the gems you will uncover...


Grab exclusive contract templates for your new Import/Export order! (See Template CD)

Find exactly where to locate those rabid buyers and businesses that NEED your products and services.

Where to buy dirt cheap and sell for big bucks.

How to Import/Export with little or no money of your own.

Exactly how you "Think before you grow rich!"

How to get FREE government ca$h !!

How to steer clear of products that just don't sell (See What Sells What Sucks DVD)


Right, so I know there's money to be made.

BUT is this really the best choice for me?


Sure we want you to buy but we also want you to feel comfortable doing it. So ... before you buy, we want to make a few things super-clear for you...


DO NOT Invest IF you want a get-rich-quick type business, (although wealth can accumulate pretty quickly!!)

DO NOT Invest IF you think you'll make millions in weeks.

DO NOT Invest IF you think you have to do nothing apart from sit on your backside.

DO NOT Invest IF you won't take your business seriously.

DO NOT Invest IF you're thinking "I can always send it back".


Invest right now, if you can answer yes to these...


Invest NOW if you want to know HOW-TO create cash from Import/Export

Invest NOW if you want expertise that can increase your net worth and assets

Invest NOW if you take your business seriously enough to understand investment can take time and EFFORT

Invest NOW if you want to take a fast track program that is proven using TIMELESS & SCIENTIFIC strategies that work.

Invest NOW if you want to know how to use to your advantage what goes on inside the lucrative import/export world straight from an insider who breathes this industry every single day.

Invest NOW if you are 100% committed to strategies that are proven and have made thousands for us and our own clients

Invest NOW if you want to see instant extra $$$$$ in your bank account

Invest NOW if you are sick of your JOB (Just Over Broke)!


Ok, so I'm guessing you must be

slightly interested by now...


So let me ask you. Have you run out of "what ifs" now?


Are you ready to stop being a hamster on a wheel?


C’mon. Life was supposed to be fun wasn’t it?

Well the good news is, your brand new future in the lucrative Import/Export world could be closer than you think

Here’s why...


Instead of paying experts to consult to you privately and forking out at least $10,000, you can make a lot of money from Import/Export...
Which means you won’t pay $6,000 to own this business opportunity



You won’t pay $5,000.

You won’t pay $2,000.

You won’t even pay $3,000.

Are you liking the sound of this now?

Because you won’t pay $2,000.



You'll invest only... $997.00


So You Have 2 Choices


One... put off the decision and keep doing what you’ve always done because it’s ‘comfortable.’ Continue to worry about how to pay the bills, work for a boss who doesn’t appreciate your talents (and reaps all the rewards from your hard work), and live a life based on limitation. But what’s that going to achieve? That’s going to cost you your lifestyle... it’s going to cost you your freedom... and it’s going to cost you your happiness.


Not to mention the fact you’ll probably end up a statistic (did you know most Australians will end up working until 65 and when they do finally retire; will struggle to make ends meet... an income of about only $10,078 per person?)

How much longer will you keep doing it the hard, expensive and frustrating way for?


Or two... become one of the fortunate few who can lay back on the beach in Fiji with your family and earn more money while you are away than you were at home...


Or learn to surf in Hawaii and then go back to your laptop by the swimming pool (sipping on a tropical cocktail as you check your email for new orders)... all the time being free of money worries, able to spend time on the hobbies you love and spend more time with your friends and family.


Truth is, it would be pretty stupid to be in the same position in 12 months simply because you missed this opportunity... wouldn’t it?


Whatever your dreams, you’re only going to enjoy the true freedom you deserve if you can replace your current income, work for yourself and earn money while you sleep. Here’s your chance to learn the step-by-step secrets from people who have already been there done that... and are still doing Import/Export today.


So order right now.


Do it right away, while it’s fresh in your mind. You have nothing to lose... and you are going to be so happy with your new lifestyle in Import/Export in a very short time...



Important Disclaimer

WARNING! What you're about to uncover cannot be found in this form anywhere else... not in any e-book, not on any CD, and not in any other course or program. (I should know. I Have spent over $100,000 obtaining all of them.)


Sure you may go to a lot of workshops, buy a lot of courses, read a lot of books, visit a lot of websites, and listen to a lot of CD's.


Still, I outright guarantee you've never had your hands on anything quite as powerful and practical as this!

But like I said earlier, I even regret unveiling some of my secrets because, to be honest, I know strategies that 90% of importer / exporters right now have absolutely no clue (or are dead wrong) about. Hint - it has nothing to do with product.


So chances are, we may edit some of these secrets out in the next edition.


We reserve the right to remove CDs or DVDs in the future, edit them to remove key "secrets," and STILL increase the price.


Now, that may sound selfish. We don't say this to be mean. But because some of these strategies are so unknown to so many, they would literally become ineffective if too many people got a hold of them — both for me and for any of the lucky individuals we share them with.


We also say this because I've spent years and risked a ton of money as well as my own health.


Obviously, I'm NOT prepared to just throw it all away. That's why, before you even consider this course...


... You Must Solemnly Promise NEVER To Reveal,

Disclose Or Publish This Information In Any Way Whatsoever.


My lawyer is eagerly standing by waiting for some wannabe "pirate" to make a move. (If we catch anyone revealing this material or stealing it, that person will add a new Mercedes to my lawyer's collection.)


So if you're NOT prepared to follow this condition — let alone prepared to deal with the massive, change of fortune and a bright globe at the end of the tunnel — then please leave this website right now.


Go ahead and invest your $797.00 or more somewhere else that will show  something you already know, be something totally outdated, or even worse be run by someone NOT  operating in the Import / Export industry !!...


This isn't a bunch of crap produced by some corporate pinhead who's never imported or exported in his life.

The Import Export Secrets training course is the real deal. It's the result of the personal experience of a full time Importer/Exporter.


The bottom line is this: we know the Import Export game like a snake knows how to hiss. and once you're done with this training course, you will too.





"Thankyou for your emails... Believe me they really help. Your emails keep my inspiration and incentive on a batter life. Thanks, and please keep them coming."

Pablo Lucero

Stanhope Gardens

“Steve was quick to identify a perfect match of market and business for myself (We have 2 small kids so this is a challenge) Also sourced likely product for us with marketing strategies. Together with full phone support and personal visits how could you fail? Thankyou Steve & Mitch.”

Carmen Nichols
The Domain, Nerang, QLD

“I was concerned about my ability to actually import/export but Steve pointed out to me that I am actually over qualified.! I thought he was joking! This is much more than a business in a box these people actually show you what to do based on their considerable experience....See you soon Steve and Mitch bring your bucket and spade!”

Joan White (Apartments Manager)
Gold Coast, QLD

“I was worried about making my current income of $35,000. Now Ive hooked
up with these guys there will be no stopping me !Whether you need import/export, websites, copyrighting, advertising, ebay, video, audio youre in a fortunate position to be able to be coached by them both
Nice one.”

Colin Nichols
Gold Coast, QLD

“I just listened and soaked up the knowledge from a couple of very knowledgeable gents that speak to you unscripted and on the fly. If you can find anyone else like that run, don’t walk to their door. Looking forward to working with the import export secrets team in the future.”

Rashid Dempster (Hotelier),
Gold Coast, QLD

“Thanks ssooo much for your input into my fashion design business. Look forward to catching up in the near future.”

Collins Street, Melbourne


*Some names have been changed to screen clients from competitors in their high profile industries.



So you still doubt whether

you can trust me?


Ok so we write and advertise in Australia’s most prestigious Business magazines...


"Australian Business and Money Making Opportunities"

"Small Business and Home Based Income"


I really want you to be as confident as I am about these powerful secrets... and use them to change your life as they have mine.


But if you're still sceptical, then..


...Here's My No-Hard-Feelings,
No-Hassle Three Full Months Guarantee



Study the course and learn how these strategies work. I'm positive they will work for you. I believe in my product, and I want you to give it a try... you owe it to yourself to at least try it. After all we do this everyday.... It's completely risk-free.


Don't like it? Send it back within 90 days*. I'll refund your money on the spot. It's as simple as that! No harm done. No hard feelings. And we still part as friends.


You might be wondering why this guarantee isn't for a year or 10 years or whatever, like you've seen in some other advertising.


The truth is, those guarantees are insanely long because they hope you FORGET about your purchase and don't return it no matter how crappy the product is.


My 3 full month guarantee is designed to let you implement my step-by-step system. If you do what I tell you in the system you will notice a dramatic change in your new or existing business in less than 90 days.


The fact is, if your business isn't completely transformed in less than 90 days... if you don't improve your lifestyle and business... then I don't want your money. I WANT you to ask for a full refund*.


I think that's only fair. I don't ever want to sell a product to someone that's not getting 100 times+ the value for what they paid us.


Here's what the course looks like in it's old fashioned physical form...



But hey this is the 21st Century right?

The entire Import Export Secrets training

course is available on DVD-ROM.


Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude, there's no better place to start than the quintessential audio MP3 of Think and Grow Rich, which has reputedly created more millionaires than any other work! Mindset is everything so listen, listen, listen! Enough said.

Future Workshop Discount Voucher, a good one to continue your Import/Export education, a cool $497 off any future event we run - pretty cool eh?

The Australian Insiders Guide to Importing and Exporting (Manual)... This one is for those whose main learning model is by reading - this chunky manual is just for you.

Time Management For Import Export is the next essential cab off the rank. Because most businesses do not plan to fail, they simply fail to plan, and observe the WIN principle... What's Important Now. Marketing is everything, therefore you're going to want to know...

How To Write Sales Letters That Compel Customers To Buy Massive Amounts Of Stuff is included in the pack to kick-start your learning.

To give your sales letters the 80% advantage, killer headlines will have prospects and customers drooling for the goods so included is How to Write Headlines That Jet Propel Your Customers Straight To Your Order Form.

Also in the pack is How To Make Maximum Profits in Minimum Time From Importing and Exporting, the marketing masterpiece which is a cornerstone of a $30,000 marketing package from another top Australian marketer.

The Australian Insiders Guide to Importing and Exporting - MP3 Audio Edition. If reading is not your style, or you'd like to multi-task and listen and learn whilst doing something else, or simply relaxing then The Australian Insiders Guide to Importing and Exporting MP3 audio will fit the bill nicely.

Naturally you'll have a question or two once you become immersed in the material. So full Lifetime Email Support is available for those questions, not covered or fully understood in the Video Tutorials or manuals. Worth every cent of the $597 value.

Once into the swing of things you're gonna need a Contract Template, well that's there too, with the Australian Import Export Sales Contracts.

Mail order selling is a great route to market and to sell a variety of products. You can discover all the secrets via the $2,000 seminar Mail Order Secrets To Sell Your Imported Products, yours to listen to again and again in the Diamond Pack.

So, all this sounds good so far? You might be forgiven for thinking that you just buy a heap of widgets and sell 'em? WRONG! You need to find the market firs, with the insight of What Sells, What Sucks! (Finding Lucrative Markets) Video Tutorial.

Now you're ready to find products to import - how do you do that? All is revealed in the underground Video Tutorial, Secret Ninja Ways to Locate Products to Import!

So, you have a hot drooling market wanting to buy your product you've just sourced, but how do you know what you're getting? (Quality, colour, volume, etc) Don't want to be ripped off? No problem. Because at your disposal is a special report Goods Inspection Special Report: "Why Stress? When You Can Have Goods Inspected - No Worries!

So you've studied everything a few times and it's still not clear, then help is here... The icing on the cake... your 5 (Five), One Hour Import/Export Consultation Calls with a current Importer/Exporter conservatively valued at $3,997.





A $995 value critique of your proposed advertising....Priceless




We come to your place for the whole day and set you straight on the whole deal... My / Our airfares and accommodation are at your additional expense.


Who else does this?... I’ll tell you...

Nobody. (I checked)



So if you’re fair dinkum and demand the best for a low investment then this is the one for you...


But I gotta tell you...


This is Not for Everyone


And I almost forgot. For those who take instant action and I mean Instant Action Mitch will build you a state of the art website valued at $1,997.


Conditions apply such as hosting and domain name registration at your cost...


You must speak to us before registering a domain. My /Our airfares and accommodation are at your additional expense


So if you want the unbridled benefit of a lifetime importing, exporting and marketing wisdom pay once and feel some pain once but remember that the benefits last for a lifetime


Remember here you will find everything from both the Ruby and Diamond Packs.




So, to recap, here's what you will receive...



Individual Purchase


Australian Import/Export  Future Work Shop

- Discount Voucher to any workshop we run


"The Australian Insiders Guide to Importing and Exporting 2013"

- Manual


"Time Management For Import Export"

- Manual


"How To Write Sales Letters That Compel Customers To Buy Massive Amounts Of Stuff"

- Manual


"How to Write Headlines That Jet Propel Your Customers Straight To Your Order Form"

- Manual


"Make Maximum Profits in Minimum Time From Importing and Exporting" - Manual


Think & Grow Rich - Because Mindset is Everything

- MP3 Audio


"The Australian Insiders Guide to Importing and Exporting 2008"

- MP3 Audio


Full Lifetime Email Support


Australian Import Export Sales Contracts

- Report


"Mail Order Secrets To Sell Your Imported Products"

- 20 Hours, MP3 Audio


Secret Ninja Ways to Locate Products to Import!

- Video Presentation


What Sells, What Sucks ! (Finding Lucrative Markets)

- Video Presentation


Goods Inspection Special Report:

"Why Stress? When You Can Have Goods Inspected - No Worries!" - Report


5 (Five), One Hour Import/Export Coaching Calls with A REAL Importer/Exporter


Total Value:


Normal Physical Product Price:


You invest only:


You Save:



 Import/Export Secrets:

No Risk Special Offer

YES! I Can't Wait To Own The Import/Export Secrets Training Course! Please make sure I'm one of the lucky people who secure a copy.

And because I'm ordering RIGHT NOW, please also make sure it is sent immediately!

  • I understand that once my order is authorised, you will process my order promptly and send my copy of The Australian Insiders Guide to Importing and Exporting.

  • I understand that neither you nor anyone else has made any income promises as my success is dependent on my own efforts and that of my business.

Here's how to secure your training course IMMEDIATELY:


AUD $997.00



 Your Order Will Be Processed Over Secure Servers.


I look forward to sending the "Import/Export Secrets" package to you so you can get started right away.


This will truly be the turning point for you this year.



Steve Taylor

Mitch Taylor



P.S. Can anyone do this on a low budget? Absolutely!


P.P.S. Remember to really sweeten the deal, here's what I'll do for you at NO EXTRA COST...


P.P.P.S. I'll throw in priceless methods to sell your newly imported products to get you started!


P.P.P.P.S. Also included 10 hours up close & personal hold your hand consultancy....Worth 10 times Price Of Admission Alone!


P.P.P.P.P.S. Feel free to invest elsewhere, but please ensure the seller is a practicing importer/exporter... Not just another information marketer!